Group Workshops

We had all 8 spaces booked in about 15 minutes… Thank you so much again for such a fun class!

– Will T, London


Team-Building & Workshops

If you are a business team-builder or organisational-behaviour consultant, Justin can work with you to create a magic workshop for any business group. He provides the magic and you gain insights in how to help staff maximise their potential. Please note the maximum number of attendees for such an event is normally 12 due to the close-proximity required of close-up table magic.

‘How can I add a new routine to my act for Saturday’s show?’

In addition to teaching, Justin offers consultancy and practical problem-solving for the more advanced student. Charged by the hour this combines research prior to meeting with a brainstorming / teaching session, at the end of which the student comes away with definite solutions. Email Justin with as much information as you can to get the ball rolling (professional and advanced magicians only).

Justin Higham lecture at Flat 9


Whether you require coaching for an audition to join a magical society or are an actor learning specific magical skills for a film or theatrical role, Justin can offer bespoke coaching sessions, generally from 2 hours to a full day or more.

…the feedback from the people that spent time with you was fantastic…

– The Magic Circle


If you are the secretary of a magical society, Justin is offering a 1- to 2-hour lecture on card and close-up magic for your regular club meeting. A 2-hour, interactive workshop on close-up card magic, consisting of 4 half-hour sessions with up to 15 magicians per session, is also available. This can take place in your clubroom on regular club nights around a small table, and does not require a lecture room, special seating or video screen. Fees are as per your standard lecture rate plus travel and any overnight expenses.