Payment FAQs

Q: How do I pay for lessons?


  • Via cash on the day of the lesson (or first lesson of a block)
  • Via debit card using PayPal’s payment platform
  • Through your PayPal account if you have one

Q: Do I need to open a PayPal account?

A: No, you can pay via debit card using PayPal’s website – I email you a PayPal Payment Request then you click on the link and enter your card details.

Q: Can I send you payment via bank transfer instead of PayPal?

A: Please kindly avoid paying by bank transfer – it requires raising an invoice and then logging in intermittently to my account to see if payment has arrived (I don’t use banking apps).

Mistakes made when sending to a bank account (e.g. wrong details entered) may be hard to rectify, especially after 24 or 48 hours. For this reason, any monies sent to a wrong bank account will be regarded as non-payment and any lessons arranged will not commence until payment is received in the correct bank account.

Mistakes made using PayPal are usually easily rectified. For this reason I ask all students to please use cash or debit card / PayPal when paying for lessons. I have used PayPal for over 15 years and never had problems.