Magic Lessons

Justin has helped me to become a more elegant card handler and performer.

– Diane S, London


Justin is a great professional and I highly recommend to try at least one lesson with him.

– Marco B, London

Learning close-up magic is a great way to broaden your horizons socially. Friends and colleagues will delight in seeing a little impromptu magic after dinner or at the staff party.

Justin Higham Cork lecture

Whether you want to learn a few simple street magic tricks, pursue magic as a hobby or become a professional magician, magic lessons with a magic teacher will give you the much-needed feedback, advice and guidance that cannot be obtained from books or videos.

To find out how Justin Higham can help you, or to book a magic lesson in London, email:

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or click here for FAQs. Prices for magic lessons are around the same as for piano or tennis coaching. Timetables are up to the student, but 1 or 2 hours, once every week or two suits most people.

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Reviews and testimonials

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Justin is a great teacher – very patient and clearly passionate about his subject.

– Jade O, London


This is an excellent introduction to magic which can be taken as far as you wish to go.

– William R, Essex