Magic Lessons

Magic lessons in card tricks and close-up magic from a professional magic teacher.

All levels, beginner to advanced. Zoom magic lessons also available worldwide.


Justin has helped me to become a more elegant card handler and performer.

– Diane S, London

Justin is a great professional and I highly recommend to try at least one lesson with him.

– Marco B, London


Having magic lessons in card tricks and close-up magic is a great way to broaden your social horizons.

Whether you want to learn a few simple street magic tricks, pursue magic as a hobby or become a professional magician, magic lessons with a professional magic teacher will give you the much-needed feedback, advice and guidance that cannot be obtained from books or videos.

To find out how Justin Higham can help you or to book a magic lesson in London or online (via Skype or Zoom) email:

email address

or click here for FAQs. Prices for magic lessons are around the same as for piano or tennis coaching. Timetables are up to the student, but 1 or 2 hours, once every week or two suits most people.


‘How can I add a new routine to my act for Saturday’s show?’

In addition to teaching, Justin offers consultancy and practical problem-solving for the more advanced student. Charged by the hour this combines research prior to meeting with a brainstorming / teaching session, at the end of which the student comes away with definite solutions. Email Justin with as much information as you can to get the ball rolling (professional and advanced magicians only).


Whether you require coaching for an audition to join a magical society or are an actor learning specific magical skills for a film or theatrical role, Justin can offer bespoke coaching sessions, generally from 2 hours to a full day or more.

Reviews and testimonials

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Justin is a great teacher – very patient and clearly passionate about his subject.

– Jade O, London

This is an excellent introduction to magic which can be taken as far as you wish to go.

– William R, Essex