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“Best Present I’ve Ever Received”
by Stephen – January 2016
I booked a 2 hour introductory session with Justin as a Christmas present for a friend who had never done magic before. Justin was impeccably friendly and professional and went the extra mile to make it a great experience for her. She came back having learned new (very cool) tricks and has not stopped practicing since. The first thing she said when she got back from the lesson was that it was the best present she had ever
received and she was going to book more lessons with Justin ASAP. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Card tricks
Short Introduction to Card Tricks and Close-Up Magic – 2 hours
by Senan – January 2016
Justin was very pleasant and professional and I very much enjoyed the course which was very interesting.

Skilled and patient teacher – Fabulous Course!
Short Introduction to Card Tricks and Close-Up Magic – 2 hours
by Diane – August 2015
I was recommended to Justin by another magician. I had been learning magic for a little while but had never had expert tuition and felt I had got into some bad habits. I was right! Within just an hour Justin had identified areas that were problematic and, by dissecting my moves and handling, he was able to correct simple mistakes or show me better ways to work with the cards in my small (female) hands. His knowledge is immense and he’s clearly an expert both technically, and in the requirements of performance. He takes detailed notes and provides valuable feedback to be used after the time spent with him. Justin has helped me to become a more elegant card handler and performer. I originally booked four hours with Justin, over a few weeks and hope to do more in the future. I would definitely recommend his courses for both beginners and more experienced magicians. They are very accessible on price and absolutely worth the investment.

Really enjoyed it!
Short Introduction to Card Tricks and Close-Up Magic – 2 hours
by Clark – June 2015
Had a great first lesson and learnt a couple of decent tricks. Probably worth having a few to get better, similar to driving lessons. It takes a while but I left knowing a few tricks.

Good session!
Card Tricks and Close-Up Magic
by Vivek – April 2015
Pretty good session. Will sure go for more!

Liked it
Short Introduction to Card Tricks and Close-Up Magic – 2 hours
by Joseph – April 2015
Learned some good tricks, got pointers on my presentation. Great teacher.

Card Tricks and Close-Up Magic
by JOHN – February 2015
Justin is an excellent magician, very patient and a very good teacher. He goes into great detail and makes the lesson great fun. I would thoroughly recommend Justin for anyone wishing to learn card magic

Close-up Magic
Short Introduction to Card Tricks and Close-Up Magic – 2 hours
by William James – January 2015
This is an excellent introduction to magic which can be taken as far as you wish ti go. You begin learning right from the first moment with back ground theory , mechanics and presentation skills all addressed. Justin Higham is a well recognised authority in the field whose expertise is held in high regard by other practitioners of magic skills. He is helpful, facilitating and very pleasant. I can recommend this course to you. There is absolutely no pressure here. Give it a try !!

An amazing Magician!
Card Tricks and Close-Up Magic – contact me for bespoke lessons
by Gabriele – December 2014
I highly recommend this course! Justin is not just an amazing magician, he is also very professional and very keen to teach people how to develop their magic skills. In the first hour, I have learnt the basis of lots of cards tricks and how to present them in an effective way. He is a very nice and approachable person who makes you feel at easy and he is also very patient in teaching the tricks. He wants to make sure you fully understand the trick before moving to another one. During his lessons he reveals his great passion for magic and he is able to make you stand there agape at the splendor of his tricks. Some of his tricks are just unbelievable!!! Absolutely AMAZING!!!! I look forward to meeting him again!!!

A great professional
Card Tricks and Close-Up Magic – contact me for bespoke lessons
by Marlo – November 2014
Justin is a great professional and I highly recommend to try at least one lesson with him. His practical approach and deep knowledge of tricks helped me to improve my “magic skills” and impress my colleagues in our last party!

Great class!
Card Tricks and Close-Up Magic
by Ceinwen – April 2014
Justin did two classes at home for my husband – he was great! Very friendly, helpful and had a lot of ideas about what you could learn in a relatively short space of time. Highly recommended.

Highly Recommend
Card Tricks and Close-Up Magic
by Daniel – March 2014
I am at the very early stages of magic and Justin has proved ideal at teaching me good practice but with (much needed) patience and encouragement. I am mainly interested in card magic and for anyone in the same boat I would not hesitate to recommend Justin.

Cards and Close-Up Magic
by richard – January 2014
Had a great time and Justin is a fantastic teacher, he is patient and extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone.

Magic is a tricky business
Cards and Close-Up Magic
by John – January 2014
I had my first lesson with Justin this week and found there to be a great deal to learn. He is thorough and clear in his explanation of the tricks and techniques and obviously has alot of passion for magic. I’m looking forward to learning more. Thank you Justin

I feel like Harry Potter!
Cards and Close-Up Magic
by jadeodon – July 2013
A friend from work and I decided it might be fun to learn a bit of magic on our lunch breaks – to entertain friends and master a bit of a party trick – so we booked a session with Justin. We knew we – to were a way off our dreams of being accepted into Hogwarts, but everyone has to start somewhere! He was with us for just over an hour and in that time we not only got to watch him perform some very impressive tricks, but we were taught to do at least four of our own. Justin is a great teacher – very patient and clearly passionate about his subject. We were able to take everything at our own pace and take notes as we went. There was a bit of demonstration involved and then afterwards we were encouraged to try everything out. I would definitely recommend these magic workshops to anyone else interested in learning a few tricks. It’s certainly been a talking point at work since!

Great First Lesson- Will Book Again!
Cards and Close-Up Magic
by Yanxia – May 2013
A colleague and I decided that this course looked like fun. Having always been a fan of magic especially street magic and card tricks AND the fact that Justin will travel to most parts of London- we jumped at the opportunity. Justin is a very good teacher, he was clear and consise and had patience with 2 fairly clumsy and ditsy girls! He was always willing to go back and explain anything we hadn’t quite followed and in the end we came out having learnt about 5 tricks! Would definitely recommend. Really good fun.

Magic Course
Cards and Close-Up Magic
by Jeremy – April 2013
I bought this course because I wanted to learn something new and I was not disappointed. Justin was excellent – very patient and clear. I was taught card techniques and tricks and after our first session I had learnt a great deal. It was also a lot of fun. I would highly recommend Justin.

designing and learning a `MAGIC rountine
Cards and Close-Up Magic
by jayson – February 2013
the lesson was great,i learnt all i wanted to learn and more, the tutor knows what he talking and teaching, i would highly recommend him

Magic lesson with Justin Higham
Cards and Close-Up Magic
by sue – January 2013
This was a great success. It was a Christmas present for my husband, and he really enjoyed the session. Justin was very experienced and tailored the content to what my husband asked for. It was also very helpful that he came to our home, so it was made very convenient for us.