Justin has been a writer and performer of magic for over 40 years, is creator and publisher of over 500 effects and methods, author of over 15 books and manuscripts on card magic and related subjects, and first lectured for The British Magical Society (1988), The Magic Circle (1994), and the Wolverhampton Circle of Magicians (1999).


More recently Justin has given workshops on card technique at The Session Convention, London (2011) and The Magic Circle summer school, London (2010/2011/2012), and lectured at the International Festival of Magic, London (2014), the Southern Brotherhood of Magicians, Cork (2015), L’Antre Magique theatre, Paris (2015), The Session Convention, London (2016), Flat 9 lecture series, London (2018), the Magischer Cercle Vienna (2019), The London Magic Circle ‘sleights corner’ (2020), Zodiac Magical Society (2021), and Neatcon (2023).

An interview with Justin Higham

Keeping knowledge alive…

An overseas student of Chicago card expert Ed Marlo for a number of years, Justin is in a unique position to offer real insights and information on close-up magic and a level of teaching unobtainable elsewhere.

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