Skype & Zoom Magic Lessons

Live video lessons

For anyone unable to travel in for lessons during the current lockdown, Skype or Zoom magic lessons are available. All you need is to download a Skype or Zoom app for your phone and then prop the phone up against some books to ensure your hands and face are visible.

I will send you a text invitation to join a meeting with me. Click on the link to join the meeting and the lesson begins. All you need is your home or office wifi switched on, and some table space in front of the camera on which you try out the tricks (see the video clip below).

If you’re unsure what to do or how to download the app, I can walk you through the process via text (or call).  You’re welcome to have a free trial lesson for 20 minutes to see what it’s like (absolutely no obligation to continue if you find it’s not for you).

Skype & Zoom apps

At the present time I would request you download either Skype or Zoom apps, which both do the same thing (provide free video calls worldwide). Both of these apps can be downloaded free for their basic service, so you won’t have to pay anything to get started.

Book a lesson

Although Skype lessons will never properly replace ‘live’ tuition, they are an effective alternative when travel is not possible, especially during the current coronavirus lockdown. As with live lessons, all Skype magic lessons are one-to-one and private.

Skype magic lessons are booked via email or text as usual, and as with live lessons there will always be a few minutes leeway either side of the lesson; so please don’t fret if technology somehow let’s you down at the last moment.

Look forward to Skyping (or Zooming) with you soon.