Dear friend,

Many thanks for applying to Magic Lessons in London for your magic course – we hope you find the lessons interesting, instructive and inspirational.

Before you start your lessons please cast an eye over the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. After  their optional starter lesson, students are asked to purchase lessons in blocks of 4 and to take those lessons within a 12-week period – Justin will be in touch to help you maintain your lesson schedule.
  2. Payment is via PayPal up to 48 hours before each lesson-block, or cash on the day of the first lesson. Unfortunately we are unable to accept payment via bank transfer. Non-receipt of a PayPal Payment Request is not grounds for non-payment.
  3. Group lessons are paid for in one lump sum by one student (the ‘group organiser’) as per para. 2.
  4. Gift lessons are paid for via PayPal / debit card at time of purchase, but dates and times may be arranged later with the gift-recipient.
  5. We all occasionally have flu, delayed flights and so on, but please be aware that cancellations less than 24 hours before the lesson forfeit the lesson and any monies paid (no refunds). Justin may decide to waive this policy the first time it happens or in exceptional circumstances – but please think twice before cancelling.
  6. In the case of no-shows by the student, Justin will wait for half an hour maximum at the agreed venue and will attempt to contact the student before leaving. No-shows forfeit the lesson. Group lessons go ahead with minimum 1 student attending; no-shows by other students forfeit the lesson for those students only.
  7. When the student is late arriving, Justin will do his best to maintain the due lesson duration (eg, 1 hour starting at 11.10 will aim to end at 12.10) but Justin may be required to end at the original due end time (eg, delayed start time 11.10, end time 12.00).
  8. In the rare instance Justin fails to show for a lesson, the student will be owed 1 x 1-hour lesson extra on top of what they have booked; if Justin is late, the student will be owed the equivalent time either at the end of that lesson or at their next lesson.
  9. Any tricks and sleights taught in the lessons may not be re-taught to anyone under any circumstances, whether verbally, visually, in written form or via video, privately or publicly. Lessons may not be recorded except for short video clips and photos, which are for personal and private use and may not be shared either privately or publicly. Skype/Zoom lessons may not be recorded, again with the exception of short clips with Justin’s permission.
  10. Lessons are normally held in cafes or bars. To help maintain good relations with management, please avoid using their premises free of charge by purchasing yourself a drink (Justin will do the same). Please do not bring your own drinks and please do not eat food or snacks during the lesson.


Please book lessons via text or (preferably) email:

email address

Please avoid phoning to book lessons as I may not have my schedule to hand or I may fail to immediately enter your lesson in my diary.

Many thanks, and looking forward to meeting you for your lessons.

Best wishes,
Justin Higham