Information for More Advanced Students

Many people who come for magic lessons just want to learn a handful of tricks to show friends and family, and they can learn all they need to know in one or two classes. Although some develop a deeper interest in magic, most are happy learning some classical beginner tricks which they can perform entertainingly. These usually consist of a couple of card tricks and two or three simple effects with coins, rubber bands and other household objects.

For students wishing to further their studies, magic lessons involve much more than learning tricks. For dedicated students, the actual selection of tricks is less important than the techniques used within the tricks. These techniques – manual, psychological and others – form the true objective of lessons: to actually become and think like a magician. Exercises are also given to strengthen certain skills and break any bad habits.

This teaching system has been developed by Justin Higham and is applied in a manner in which the student is often unaware that it is taking place; just as someone learning a language won’t realise why certain elements are taught in a certain order until much later on when all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place.

By definition, these magic lessons are tailored individually to each person or group, based on their own specific goals as magicians (amateur, professional, street performer, cabaret entertainer and so on) and their unique characteristics as individual people. No two lessons are alike but there is a framework underlying all of them based on Justin’s syllabus, carefully applied for each student from a vast selection of suitable materials based on nearly 40 years’ experience in magic.